Caravans of Gotland

Exhibition at Hau yard, Gotland on 7/7-11/8, 2013.

When in Gotland, you can’t help but see old caravans. They’re on the yards of houses, in the woods, on the edges of fields and on the beaches. Some abandoned, some still serve as cottages or guesthouses. Their wheels are unlikely to roll again. Back in the day, the caravans were fine but time and damp air have rendered them into what they are now. Some caravans have been restored by their owners by painting or with small structures, for example fences, planters or terraces. In their roughness the caravans of Gotland are charming and romantic in a weird way. They are a typical Gotlandic phenomenon which I wanted to immortalize before it disappears.

Photo Kari Kohvakka 2023